2. ohinsomniac:

    Here it is! Here’s my Art Project! 

    It is very much not safe for work, and has some sexual content in it.


  3. soundtrack-of-the-mind:

    I am going. I would. Do it.

    also you are coming?!?! eee

    YUSSS. Thank Netflix and the brother in law for that one :p and yeah! I’m going with my little sister who’s never been. Plan on doing Horo from spice and wolf, maybe misty if I get in shape in the next month and princess mononoke if I get around to making stuff (but chances are that won’t work because I suck at making things and also time).

    So we best meet up at some point ;)

  6. lovetteorleaveit:




    PSA for Parenting Equality in Europe.

    Gave me fucking chills

    God damn this made me cry.

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  7. safety-in-recovery:

    I constantly go between being extremely anxious about all the things I have to do and literally not giving a shit. There is no in between, and it’s so exhausting and frustrating.

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  8. I was in the middle of writing this essay and decided to take  break. When I checked to see how many more words I needed (it was a short essay, only 700-750 words) I couldn’t help but screen shot it. 666 words. Cursed report.


  9. I am so sick


    Of seeing myself in the mirror.

    I want you to hold me tight and to kiss my belly and tell me that you like it.

    Tell me I’m not fat.
    Get that in my head.

    I’m tired of hating myself.

  10. nirvanaschild:


    My old cats, Tom and Little, always slept together in a guitar case. They both lived for seventeen years and my family is still convinced that they were in love. Little was perfectly healthy when Tom died, but a week after his death she stopped eating and would hide behind couches and in corners all day. Within a month, she passed away too. They are buried side by side in our garden.

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